Flexi-C Coal Combustion Catalyst

Flexi-C is designed to promote the combustion of coal in all types of industrial coal-fired boilers.  It is primarily designed for use in coal-fired power stations.

The product is designed to increase the energy output per unit of coal consumed, increase efficiency, reduce levels of unburnt carbon, reduce smoke emissions and reduce particulate and Nox emissions from the plant.

The results obtained from the use of Flexi-C are coal and site specific.  The optimum composition, amount required and rate and method of addition are unique to each application.

In summary the benefits of Flexi-C are:

  • Improved combustion efficiency
  • Reduced carbon particulate emissions
  • Reduced excess air requirements (decreasing the excess air in industrial boilers from 30 to 10% is equivalent to as much as a 2% increase in overall efficiency).
  • Cost savings associated with increasing the energy output of the fuel.
  • Increased combustion efficiency reduces slagging, fouling and corrosion and cleans carbon deposits from boiler surfaces
  • Reduced fouling and corrosion improves heat transfer, extends equipment life, reduces maintenance costs and reduces interruptions to plant operation.
  • Opacity (black smoke) problems are virtually eliminated.
  • Electrostatic precipitator performance is improved.
  • Reduced fan power for soot blower operation reduces maintenance and repair costs.
  • Reduced fly ash volume due to reduction in unburnt carbon.
  • Improved fly ash quality.

Flexi-C marginally reduces SOX emissions.  The reduction is a function of the amount used.